Locatify has released over 15 multimedia self-guided tours and produced 5 free apps to encourage visitors to explore Iceland, learning and guiding themselves beyond the well trodden travel routes.

The free apps include UNESCO World Heritage Site: Thingvellir National Park and South Coast Archipelago:  Vestmannaeyjar, Famous film locations in Iceland: Film Locations, Icelandic practice with Saga og Jökull (Icelandic Treasure Hunt Games in the West) and the SmartGuide featuring over 15 free guided tours.

Automatic Tourist Guide app

The Icelandic SmartGuide Tours have been professionally produced and allow anyone to explore the countryside, immersing themselves in Icelandic sagas and local knowledge. The tours provide an innovative and engaging way for tourists (and locals) to explore the country on their own time, and on their own schedule.

While the list of tours includes the likes of the Golden Circle, Reykjavik Downtown Walk and Vatnajökull, it also includes lesser known tours like The Elf World (Hafnarfjörður), Reykjanes Explored and Reykjavik Art Tour which are highly recommended.

Locatify SmartGuide app

How does the guide work?

The guides work completely offline and features storytelling, directions, narration and professional photography from around the countries most popular (and lesser known) destinations.

The app uses GPS to track your location, automatically triggering points of interest and directions as you explore. The guides are available in many languages and provide thoughtful detail about each location.  Enjoy through headphones or play through your car AUX input for everyone to enjoy.

You will need internet connection to download the tours. As the tours are rich in audio and photo content, we suggest downloading while connected to wifi to avoid any suprise 3g/4g data bills if you are traveling from abroad.Once downloaded the tours are enjoyed without internet connection.

Full list of Icelandic Tours:

Reykjavik Art Tour – Capital Area
Reykjavik Downtown Walk
The Elf World – Hafnarfjörður – Capital Area
The Golden Circle – South West Iceland
Reykjanes Explored – South West Iceland
Vatnajökull – South Iceland
Airport Keflavik – Reykjavik – Borgarnes – South West to West Iceland
Borg on the Moors – West Iceland
Fjarðarbyggð Area – East Iceland
Jökuldalur – East Iceland
Mini Fljótsdalur Tour East Iceland
Walk in Eskifjörður – East Iceland
East Iceland Circle (Stóri Fljótsdalshringur)
Glacier Path Skalafell – Haukafell – South East Iceland
The Laki eruption 1783-1784 – South East Iceland
Klaustur Trail – South Iceland

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Want to create your own tour?

SmartGuide provides a platform for anyone to create and publish professional guided tours and treasure hunt games.

The SmartGuide is perfect for individuals or small organizations who would like to publish a professional tour or treasure hunt game to a mobile app without the need for a branded app. For more information about branded apps click here.

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