What is The Automatic Museum Guide?

The Automatic Museum Guide is a revolutionary technology that empowers museums and galleries to create immersive multimedia experiences. Technology is used to engage visitors with narration, guidance and gamification. The Automatic Museum Guide uses cutting edge location-technologies to enable audio, video, AR and other content to be triggered automatically as guests move through the space.

How is the app used?

The Automatic Museum Guide app can be downloaded from the App Store / Play Store and used on a visitor’s personal mobile device or via rental devices provided by the museum. Guest can then choose their desired language, download the tour content, and enjoy offline.

Location-based content triggering

The Automatic Museum Guide works both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor content is triggered using maps and GPS, and indoor exhibitions  are enabled using floor maps and BLE Beacons or UWB, depending on the requirements.

The app detects where a visitor is located and when the visitor approaches exhibits, the app automatically plays a corresponding guide in the form of audio, video, game content, AR, text or HTML content.

Floor map only or no location-triggering

Indoor exhibitions can also be created without the use of location-technologies. In this instance a floor map graphic can be uploaded to the Locatify CMS with clickable “stations”. Stations can represent specific exhibit pieces, areas or rooms.

If no floor map is used, the exhibit locations (stations) will be displayed in a list order which the guest can play at any time.

Get your own Branded App!

Enhance your museum visitor experience, collect useful data, save on costs and serve a wider range of customers with multilingual content. White-label templates make it quick an easy to get your own branded app: customise loading page, banner/skin, app icon, logo etc. Once you have your app, Locatify’s simple drag and drop tour builder enables curators to create and manage tour content anytime.

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Try for free!

Everybody can create and test their own games and guides using the Locatify Creator CMS and generic TurfHunt test-app free of charge.

Simply sign up for Locatify Creator CMS and download the TurfHunt app to Android or iOS.  For indoor tours and games you will need a venue floor map and if using automatic content triggering; iBeacons or UWB hardware.



Read more:

  • Immersive Audio Guides means no need to look at the device as audio and media is triggered automatically
  • Treasure Hunt Games support active learning and engage younger audiences
  • Indoor & Outdoor location triggering supported with maps, BLE beacons, GPS and UWB
  • Multilingual Content saves costs on signage and allows visitors to listen, watch or read descriptions in their own language
  • Photo, Drawing and Sticker Game Challenges are a great way to encourage user generated content
  • Offline Content means once the app is installed and guide downloaded, no internet access is required to operate
  • Venue Floor Map allows visitors to easily navigate your venue
  • Indoor Navigation helps your guests find what they’re looking for with ease (Android only currently)
  • News & Announcements  can be delivered to visitors directly through the app
  • Map Markers allow for promotion of local stores or locations of interest outside of your museum
  • Coupons to advertise and offer discounts for cafes,  shops and other points of interest
  • Collect visitor details with optional login page
  • Social Media sharing from within the app enables social engagement
  • Website links can be opened within the app so you don’t need to recreate existing web content
  • Surveys can be embedded to gather guest feedback

Locatify Automatic Museum Guide app (Icelandic Wartime Museum)

  • Cloud-based Creator CMS makes it easy for anyone to manage app content in real-time
  • Multimedia management of text, audio, video, HTML, maps, tours, games and coupons 
  • Easily update exhibit locations and triggering methods as exhibits change
  • Analytics provide download reports, user analytics and game observer tool

CMSIndoorFloorMapand Mobile

Included in the package:

  • Mobile app CMS license Powerful yet simple to use content management system (CMS) to create, publish and manage  in-app content and locations easily
  • Branded Android & iOS Automatic Museum Guide App
  • App Store publication: via Locatify Google Play and App Store accounts or source files provided to publish to clients own App Store and Play Store accounts
  • Support: Professional support including a reasonable service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Hardware (Optional) : Locatify can supply low-end Android Devices
  • iBeacons & Ultra-wideband: For automatic triggering of content.
  • Onsite Installation (Optional) : Certified local installation partners including warranty or do it yourself with assistance of training material
  • Indoor Activation and Venue:  To determine the visitors location indoors we use industry standard Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and cutting edge Ultra-Wideband (UWB).
  • BLE iBeacons: Are most suitable for museums which require precision of 2.5m positioning accuracy. BLE iBeacons are attached to specific locations throughout the venue and connect with mobile devices to communicate the users location or proximity to a specific location and to trigger content. iBeacons can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be battery or USB powered. Installation is quick, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB): Provides much more precision compared with iBeacons. UWB provides positioning data with 20cm accuracy  in a 3D space) and positioning updates every 100ms. Ultra-Wideband Anchors are placed in the corners of a room and guests are provided a UWB locator tag (Wristband, Lanyard or attached to devices). When guests move through the museum their eacct location is tracked and is used to trigger content at the right time and place.  Anchors are easily installed in less than 1 hour and require minimal maintenance. Anchors can be battery powered, USB powered or PoE.
  • Which technology is most suitable: This depends on the accuracy required of the location technology, the layout of your museum and the ability to equip guests with a UWB locator tag. BLE Beacons are best suited for smaller rooms or proximity based content triggering where 2.5m accuracy is acceptable. UWB is suitable where high precision is required or the museum has large open spaces. Both technologies can be combined to cover complex exhibition spaces.
  • Outdoor Activation and Map:  To determine visitors location outdoor we use Global Positioning System (GPS) and there is no additional installation required
These video tutorials show how to create an indoor guided tour in the Creator CMS and how to export it to the generic-test app.

How to make an Indoor Tour using iBeacons and Creator CMS

Add Floors

Add Stations

Add Beacons



National Portrait Gallery

“The Locatify system makes it simple to create and publish your own tours, add updates and new content as projects develop.”

Andrea Easey, Interpretation Editor

testimonial_Andrea Easey (1)

Eldheimar Museum

“Locatify developed an audio guide for Eldheimar, which is a very important part of the museum. The cooperation with Locatify is very good, the company is enthusiastic and professional.”

Kristín Jóhannesdóttir, Director

testimonial_Kristín Jóhannesdóttir,

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

“The interactive map, that we made for the Netherlands-Bauhaus expo in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, shows the visitor a hidden layer of interconnectivity between artists in this art period. Thanks to the clever and easy to use mapping system and customisation services of Locatify we were able to realise the challenge of making hundreds of stories and images associated, interactive and ultimately: accessible.”

Kuba Szutkowski, Director, Studio Maslow


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