What is The Automatic Museum Guide?

The Automatic Museum Guide is a revolutionary technology for museums  that empowers curators to create fully immersive multimedia experiences and engage visitors through navigation, guidance and narration. The app allows visitors to explore exhibits, with audio and other content being triggered automatically as they move through the museum.

With the Automatic Museum Guide visitors get an unforgettable and rich experience, and museum curators are empowered through content control and a better understanding of visitor behavior.

Video presentation

How is the app used?

The user selects their desired language from the home page and the app displays a venue floor map, exhibits and user location. The app detects where a visitor is located and when the visitor approaches exhibits, the app automatically plays a corresponding guide in the form of audio, video, text or HTML content.

The app can be downloaded and used on a visitor’s personal mobile device or on a cheap Android device provided by the museum.

Get Your Own Branded App!

Enhance your Museum experience and increase brand visibility and engagement with your own branded app.  Upload your logo, graphics and content and manage your own in-app content. You have complete control over the content which can be added, changed or removed in the Creator CMS at any time.

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Try for free!

Everybody can create and test their own limited indoor tours and games in the Locatify Creator CMS and generic TurfHunt test-app free of charge.

Simply sign up for Locatify Creator CMS and download the TurfHunt app to Android or iOS.  For indoor tours and games you will need a venue floor map and your own beacons.




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  • Custom Branded app increases online agency and visibility of brand online
  • Offline content  installed app on the device does not require internet access to operate
  • Multilingual allowing visitors to listen, watch or read descriptions in various languages
  • Indoor and Outdoor exhibits supported all in one app via BLE beacons and GPS
  • Venue map  so visitors know where they are at any time with access to information about objects in different rooms
  • News and announcements  can be delivered to  visitors directly through the app
  • Treasure hunt games support active learning and encourage people to explore the venue
  • Custom Map Markers allow customers to monetize their app with advertisement for cafes,  shops and other points of interest on the museum map 
  • Coupons  to advertise and offer discounts for cafes,  shops and other points of interest on the museum map
  • Collect visitor details with optional login page
  • Admin Mode for staff to follow up on beacon’s activation

Locatify Automatic Museum Guide app (Icelandic Wartime Museum)

  • Cloud based CMS to upload and make changes to in-app content in real-time
  • Easily manage text, audio, video, HTML, maps, tours, games, coupons
  • Easily manage locations that trigger content
  • View app download reports, analytics and game observer in one place

CMSIndoorFloorMapand Mobile

Additional revenue and simplified procedures for museums:

  • Improve the customer experience leading to positive reviews and increased visitor numbers
  • Increased brand exposure and ability to extend the museum experience after the visitor leaves the venue
  • Sell additional digital audio tours
  • Increase sales for Gift Shop/Restaurant via integration into the tour
  • Visitor analytics and visitor traffic heat maps
  • Identify key attractions and measure visitor frequency for various exhibits
  • Reduce costs and time by implementing technology that is easily updated as exhibits change, meaning easier display set-ups and lower costs of installation
  • Simple installation as the app does not require any excessive work and can therefore be done fast. BLE transmitters are installed on the walls and do not need external power supply. Because of the small size they also do not affect the appearance of the museum’s rooms

Increase customer satisfaction and engagement:

  • Interpret the story with ease as the visitors approach exhibits and artifacts the story is told through multimedia 
  • Simplified guidance as museum curators do not have to rely on signs and MP3 players to deliver information to visitors
  • Easy to use app – The guides are played automatically when visitor approaches the pre-set exhibits and artifacts, and doesn’t require visitor to press any buttons
  • Embrace the smartphone culture and engage audiences as innovative technology is adopted across various industries to increase customer satisfaction

Included in the package:

  • Software: Powerful yet simple to use content management system (CMS) to create, publish and manage  in-app content and locations easily and in a time efficient manner
  • Branded Automatic Museum Guide App published to Locatify Google Play and App Store accounts. Publish to your own App Store Account incurs Apple App Store fee of $99/year. Google Play has a one-time fee of $25
  • Support: Professional support including a reasonable service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Hardware (Optional) : Locatify can supply affordable low end Android Devices
  • Indoor Location Technology : For automatic triggering of content, either iBeacons or UWB hardware are required. iBeacons and UWB Kits can be purchased from Locatify
  • Onsite Installation (Optional) : Certified local installation partners including warranty or do it yourself with assistance of training material
  • Indoor Activation and Venue:  To determine the visitors location indoors we use industry standard Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and cutting edge Ultra-Wideband (UWB).
  • BLE iBeacons: Are most suitable for museums which require precision of 2.5m positioning accuracy. BLE iBeacons are attached to specific locations throughout the venue and connect with mobile devices to communicate the users location or proximity to a specific location and to trigger content. iBeacons can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be battery or USB powered. Installation is quick, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB): Provides much more precision compared with iBeacons. UWB provides positioning data with 20cm accuracy  in a 3D space) and positioning updates every 100ms. Ultra-Wideband Anchors are placed in the corners of a room and guests are provided a UWB locator tag (Wristband, Lanyard or attached to devices). When guests move through the museum their eacct location is tracked and is used to trigger content at the right time and place.  Anchors are easily installed in less than 1 hour and require minimal maintenance. Anchors can be battery powered, USB powered or PoE.
  • Which technology is most suitable: This depends on the accuracy required of the location technology, the layout of your museum and the need to equip guests with a UWB locator tag. BLE Beacons are best suited for smaller rooms or proximity based content triggering where 2.5m accuracy is acceptable. UWB is suitable where high precision is required or the museum has large open spaces. Both technologies can be combined to cover complex exhibition spaces.
  • Outdoor Activation and Map:  To determine visitors location outdoor we use Global Positioning System (GPS) and there is no additional installation required
These video tutorials show how to create an indoor guided tour in the Creator CMS and how to export it to the generic-test app.

How to make an Indoor Tour using iBeacons and Creator CMS

Add Floors

Add Stations

Add Beacons


“The Locatify system makes it simple to create and publish your own tours, add updates and new content as projects develop.”

Andrea Easey,
Interpretation Editor, National Portrait Gallery, London


“Locatify developed an audio guide for Eldheimar, which is a very important part of the museum. The cooperation with Locatify is very good, the company is enthusiastic and professional.”

Kristín Jóhannesdóttir,
Director, Eldheimar Museum, Vestmannaeyjar