What is SmartGuide?

Locatify SmartGuide app provides a platform for anyone to create, publish and enjoy professional guided tours and treasure hunt games. The location based app encourages people to explore and engage with their surroundings in an innovative way through quality assured multimedia tours and games which are available to download to the public.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to create and share a tour guide or treasure hunt game. The SmartGuide is perfect for individuals or small organizations who would like to publish or use professional tours or treasure hunt games in a mobile app. For more information about getting a branded apps click here.

How is it used?

The SmartGuide tours and games work completely offline, providing a map of an area, user location, navigation, points of interest, services, narrations and challenges that are triggered automatically via GPS outdoors or BLE iBeacons when indoors.

When the user approaches pre-set points of interest the app automatically plays the corresponding guide or challenges which can include audio, video, pictures, text,  and quiz game challenges.

The tours work as an offline tour guide with media rich content and the treasure hunt games encourage users to explore an area, engaging with the environment, solving challenges, earning a score and competing with other users.

Get started for free!

Everybody can create tours and games and publish to Locatify TurfHut app for testing.

1) Sign up for Creator CMS

2) Login to Creator CMS to create, publish and manage all content in tours and game

3) Download TurfHunt and publish your project to TurfHunt for testing

4) Once satisfied with your project, contact Locatify to upgrade to SmartGuide

5) Once approved, your project will be published to the SmartGuide where it will be available for download

6) Download SmartGuide and invite others to enjoy your tour or game using invitation code/QR Code




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Locatify SmartGuide app

Core Features:

  • Offline content does not require internet access to operate once the app is installed
  • Multilingual allowing users to listen, watch or read descriptions in various languages
  • Indoor & Outdoor locations supported in one app via BLE beacons and GPS
  • Navigation supported by Google Maps and GPS
  • Multimedia Guided tours to entertain & inform
  • Treasure hunt games support active learning & encourage people to explore the area
  • Advertise local businesses or destinations
  • Custom maps & markers create a unique user experience and allow for monetizing the app with advertisement for cafes, shops and other points of interest
  • Coupons to advertise discounts for cafes,  shops and other points of interest
  • Optional Login to collect user contact details
  • Social Media sharing integration

Treasure Hunt Game Features:

  • Start/End games from the app or the Creator CMS
  • Scan a QR code or enter the code to start a game
  • Solve challenges, answer quizzes or play mini-games on location
  • Take photos or selfies on location to send in for validation
  • Play the game solo or with multiple teams
  • Chat with the game master, or send messages from game master (one way)
  • See your location and the other team’s’ location on the map
  • Scoreboard available in the app and in Creator CMS (Observer)
  • Assign prizes with coupons when user has found X number of treasures or score

Locatify How to Make an Outdoor Treasure Hunt Game using Creator CMS

Locatify How to Make an Outdoor Tour using Creator CMS

Locatify How to Make an Indoor Tour using iBeacons in Creator CMS

Locatify How to Make an Indoor Treasure Hunt Game using iBeacons in Creator CMS

Content Management System CMS:  The CMS used is built by Locatify.  For more information regarding the CMS please see here.

Outdoor Location aware technology: To determine visitor’s location outdoor, Global Positioning System (GPS) is used.

Indoor Location aware technology:  To determine visitor location indoor , Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmitters are placed in the venue. BLE technology is the latest trend for determination of the location indoor and Locatify has developed a fully functional and tested product on its basis. For more information on BLE beacons see here.

Devices and software: Both Android and iOS devices are supported with Locatify apps available for iOS 8.1 + Android 4.3+ devices.

App store publication: Apps undergo a quality assessment check prior to being published. Once approved, apps are published in the SmartGuide app on Android and iOS for one year unless agreed upon otherwise.

Offline use:  The device does not need to be connected to Wi-Fi to use the app. All content is available offline once the app has been downloaded. Device needs to be connected to update content. To receive push notifications the app needs cellular or 3G/4G connection and to update scores in treasure hunt games.

Installation:  Certified local installation partners available or do it yourself with the assistance of training material. Warranty included for indoor solution. No installation is needed for published GPS apps.

Support: Professional support including a reasonable service-level agreement (SLA).

Publisher’s fee: Locatify charges a monthly or annual fee ranging from  €79 per day to €499 for a year depending on the duration of your project.  Contact us for more information.

User’s fee: The cost of the tour can be set by tour publisher; it can be free (Like most Icelandic tours created by Locatify), charged for or used with vouchers.

locatify SmartGuide tour guide app



“The Smart Guides developed by Locatify has been a great success in the Settlement Centre of Iceland. The App works really well and the staff of Locatify is only one phone-call away.”

Sigríður Margrét Guðmundsdóttir, Managing Director, The Settlement Centre, Iceland

testimonial_Sigríður Margrét Guðmundsdóttir,

“A group of 150 fans of The Blue Nile, from as far afield as Chicago and Tokyo, came together in a “Gathering” held in Glasgow in Sept 2016.

A “walking tour” had been suggested for the visitors but, in a much changed city, how could even the best tourguide hope to bring alive the somewhat grey-er Glasgow of the early 1980’s – the cityscape which the band’s ‘art-soul’ so inhabits?

Then I found The SmartGuide and made “The Source of The Nile” GPS walk with my own narration and a photo of each location.

The team were super helpful and have since helped me add better images and even new features – including links to recommended songs from The Blue Nile catalog!
No taped system or even live guide can do this – just fantastic technology and SUCH a great team!”

PJ Moore, In Time of Flight, Scotland