We are pleased to have completed the installation of the Automatic Museum Guide at the Þórbergssetur Museum, located at Hali in Suðursveit, Iceland. The guide offers a lively addition and enriches the interpretation and stories of the remarkable writer Þórbergur Þórðarson.


The visitor explores the museum with headphones on, listening to stories and discovering the artifacts by using a smartphone with iBeacon technology for automatic indoor location detection.

There is no need to pay any attention to the Museum Guide as the stories present themselves automatically at the right locations. If the visitor wants to dig further, more information is available on-screen, like commentaries and reference material.

It has been a great experience to get to know the people behind the museum and assist them in developing the guide and presenting the content. Their vision is clear, bringing to life stories of the past, to their modern visitors.


After receiving the script, Locatify took care of the content production pipeline and the translations with the aid of our contractors.

The narrations were originally available in English and Icelandic, but this summer 7 more languages have been added, including; German, Spanish, France, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish and even Esperanto, as Þórbergur believed that language would help uniting people.

The Locatify Creator CMS system is used to add new languages and change the content as need be.  The smartphones  automatically download updated content and new languages making this process very easy and efficient.

Þórbergssetur app is available in 9 languages

Þórbergssetur app is available in 9 languages

Smartphones and iBeacon technology

Locatify provided the museum with Motorola MotoG Android smartphones, in a quality protective casing, with headphones and lanyards which the visitor receives upon entrance and returns on departure. In future, the museum plans to release the  app so the public can download the guide into their own Android or iOS smartphones.


When the first two languages were ready, we delivered the Museum Guide devices which were hung up with headphones in a cabinet.  Then the iBeacons from Kontakt.io were installed for the automatic story telling to work.  The beacons were tightly secured hidden away behind the scenes.  The reception staff were trained and visitors began enjoying the audio guide.


Þorbjörg from Hali receives the Automatic Museum Guide from Leifur at Locatify.

Congratulations Þorbergssetur Museum with the addition of the Automatic Museum Guide in 9 languages to the exhibition.