Starfamessun 2019 is intended to introduce young people to jobs and study programs in the field of industrial and technical subjects in Southern Iceland. This year the young students were happy to engage in a new way as the event used a network of stationary BLE Beacons and the Locatify TurfHunt app to create an indoor treasure hunt game to help gamify the experience for the budding young students.

treasure hunt game floor map and beacons with Locatify Creator CMS

The event organisers created a floor plan graphic of the school where the event was hosted and created a treasure hunt game using the Locatify Creator CMS and TurfHunt app. The event organiser added digital locations to the map where questions were triggered when students approached the designated areas.

treasure hunt game challenges with Locatify Creator CMS

The organisers added BLE Beacons throughout the venue which were used to “sense” when students were close to a specific location where the challenges would then be triggered via the TurfHunt app.

indoor game with ibeacons

The challenges were created to encourage students to dig deeper about the employers, jobs and study programs on offer. Challenges often encouraged students to interact with the organisers from each organisation by taking photos or asking questions to correctly answer the challenges. Correct answers were awarded a score and each student competed with one another with the winning player receiving a cash prize donated by Atorka – Samtaka atvinnurekenda á Suðurlandi (The Confederation of Employers in South Iceland).

 About Starfamessun 2019

This project focuses on the preparation for the Workforce 2019 and is a collaborative project of SASS, Atorka and FSU. The project works closely with the primary and secondary schools, study and career counsellors in South Iceland and companies in the region as well as schools in the field of industrial, engineering and technical fields.