What is TurfHunt?

TurfHunt is a scavenger hunt game app designed to bring the traditional scavenger hunt game into the 21st century. The TurfHunt app has been used across the world and has many features including multiple game play modes and challenge types. The games are great for encouraging on location engagement and learning with games available both indoor or outdoor using GPS or BLE beacons to trigger game challenges.

Games can be played offline without an internet connection or online competitively with a scoreboard. Choose from various challenge types such as photo challenges (photo, sticker or drawing), multiple choice or single answer text questions and mini games like memory cards. All challenges can be linked together to play in a specific order or played at random.

Who is it for?

TurfHunt is perfect for events, tourism and education purposes. The app can be used by anyone who wants to bring people together to explore on location, engaging with the environment in a fun and innovative way.


How is the app used?

The games are played solo or with teams as real-time competitive treasure hunts. They involve problem solving and exploration activities, finding treasures, and solving challenges.

Games are created in the Creator CMS where an administrator can invite players, change game play settings, publish games and monitor player activity. The game master creates the game and publishes it to the TurfHunt app. If the game is published to be visible in the app, players can simply find the game in the app and join by downloading the game to their device. The game master can also choose to hide the game from the app and can give out invitation codes which can be entered in the app to download the game.

The game master can create multiple versions of the game from the Games Control Panel. Each version is referred to as a “game instance” and has it’s own invitation code and scoreboard.

Once a player has downloaded the game, they are shown a map, and perhaps a text or audio clue to the first location. Depending on how the game is built, they will either see multiple challenge locations on the map and can find them in any order and solve the challenges.  If the game master has connected the challenges, they will be hidden from the map and revealed in a sequential manner.

When players approach pre-set challenge locations, they get instructions and have to answer questions or solve challenges. After successfully solving challenges they are rewarded with points and digital items (customisable rewards).


Get started for free!

Everybody can create and publish treasure hunt games to the Locatify TurfHunt app:

1) Sign up for Creator CMS

2) Login to Creator CMS to create, publish and manage all tour content

3) Download the TurfHunt app from the App Store or Play Store

4) Once satisfied with your game, publish to the TurfHunt app for testing on device

5) Once satisfied with your game, publish the game to the app so it is available to play

6) Share a link using invitation code/QR Code to invite others to enjoy your game




  • Location-based learning: Players are provided a map of an area with their position and challenge locations triggering by GPS or iBeacons
  • Multiple Question Types:  Multiple choice questions (text and image), single answer text or decision tree questions
  • Photo Challenges: Upload a photo, draw on a photo (or canvas) and place stickers on a photo (or canvas)
  • Mini-Games: Memory Cards (Easy, Medium, Difficult)
  • Multilingual: The app is multilingual and allows players to solve challenges in their first language or to learn a second
  • Easy to use: When players approach a location the challenges are triggering automatically
  • Easy installation: The app uses GPS to locate players and therefore doesn’t require any additional infrastructure to work outdoors. Indoor projects may require BLE Beacon placement.
  • Offline content: Installed app on the device does not require Internet access to operate except for transferring scores and seeing where the other teams are located. If players do not have Internet connection they can still play after they have downloaded the game when they have internet connection. Scores will be updated as soon as they reach internet connection again. There is a very low data transfer conducted when playing the game regularly. 
  • Scoreboard: Provides oversight for the game admin to see players’ scores and  uploaded challenge content
  • Game Control Panel: Create and manage different game instances and invitation codes, manually change players scores and view uploaded game content such as photos (by team, challenge or game)

To determine user’s location we use Global Positioning System (GPS) and BLE iBeacons for indoor locations.

App is available for iOS 8.1 + and Android 4.3+ devices.

Games are designed in the Locatify Creator CMS.

To update the scoreboard in real-time, 3G/4G connectivity is required.

In these video tutorials, you will learn how to create and publish a treasure hunt game in the Locatify’s Creator CMS.


Publisher’s fee: Locatify charges a monthly or annual fee ranging from  €69 per day to €990 for a year depending on the duration and number of games required. View Plans & Pricing for more info.

User’s fee: The cost of the tour can be set by tour publisher; it can be free (Like most Icelandic tours created by Locatify), charged for or used with vouchers. Contact us to discuss monetising your tour content.

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“We are a small organization with approximately 50 employees engaged in care services for elderly sick people. We must at all times keep motivation among employees and it is important for us to regularly engage in team building. Now we have tried to use the app “TurfHunt” and this was very successful.”.

Jan Bratshaug, Bergen, Norway
testimonial_Jan Bratshaug

“TurfHunt treasure hunt games provide an outdoor arena for teaching. It´s social, different and fun!”.

Guro Aarre,
Professor at University of Stavanger, Norway
testimonial_Guro Aarre

“We use TurfHunt to get our pupils out. Walk and talk, or run. The pupils can move around in pairs or groups to do the challenges, without adults, and we know exactly where they are.”

Kurt Mikal Klungland,
Principal of Samfundet School in Egersund Norway

testimonial_Kurt Mikal Klungland

“Mobile learning adds new dimensions to education. Turf Hunt gives teachers the ability to create mobile learning experiences that integrate physical exercise, gaming, problem-solving and information retrieval using a tool that all children are comfortable with – their mobiles.”

Alastair Creelman,
Professor at Linnéuniversitetet/Linnaeus University, Sweden

testimonial_Alastair Creelman

“The treasure hunt was successful :) The kids were excited and eager to try it out. This program is brilliant! Several parents tested it also and were so impressed, the game worked very well for them. One father said it was exactly the thing for family gatherings he sees about in the summer. I run the game quite often there where about 12 groups that went between stations these days.

I found it most enjoyable when the kids were connected to 3G all the time in the game, then they saw each other’s team and I saw them from the computer at school. Under such circumstances, the competition hit the game, these groups were the most active ones. Those who were internet connected by 3G were very surprised by how little “credit” they had used in the game. Very positive :)”

Hulda Jóhannesdóttir,
teacher in Hvaleyrarskóli, Hafnarfirði, Iceland.