Locatify recently joined forces with Swedish Ridsportförbundet and Saab Ridsporten Innovation to help riders learn more about how they are riding and how they can improve their training.

Locatify was commissioned to install an Ultra-wideband (UWB) indoor positioning system to precisely track the riders movements at the Strömsholm riding arena in Sweden.

The riders helmets or wrists are equipped with a UWB tag which sends signals to the UWB anchors which are placed on the outside of the arena. The anchors calculate and send the riders exact location (+/-50cm) to a server which displays and records the positioning data with updates 10x every second.

Strömsholms “Smarta Ridhus” Riding Arena

Improved training with Analytics and Mobile app

“The system gives an idea of ​​how much you have practiced each different activity and what types of stress the horse has been exposed to. The results will help the rider to better plan their training and the data can also be used to contribute to different studies and research projects”  – Madeleine Malmsten of Ridsportens Innovationer.

The RTLS provides positioning data visualisation and the analytics tool provides various options for data, collection and analysis.. “Zones” make it possible t measure how much time certain users send in an individual zones with the option to compare this with other time periods.  “Spaghetti maps” allow for real-time and historic journey visualisation and tracking of total distance traveled during a specific time period and view activity log to see times when the tag is not active.

The analytics can then be pushed to a mobile app which will be used to help track,  plan and optimise training for both the rider and the horses.

About Saab Ridsporten Innovation

The Ridsporten Innovations project is a collaboration between Saab and the Swedish Ridsportsförbundet. The purpose is to identify and create an interest in technology for young people who are active in equestrian sports, and provide useful innovations.

Saab collaborates with both startups and established companies and actors who want to realize their innovation ideas in equestrian sports. In Ridsporten’s Innovations, Saab’s own project includes Sweden’s smartest riding house, which will serve as a test site for the racing sport. Ridhuset is located in Stömsholm, and everyone can come and try their ideas, such as researchers, riders and startups.  – NyTeknik

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