All-in-one package for schools

The Locatify Education Package is designed to improve the learning experience by creation and gamification.

The package includes:

GoldHunt Education; The Treasure Hunt App
Goldworm; The Interactive Book Reader
Access to Creator CMS (Content Management System)
Access to Observer Tool

GoldHunt Education 


GoldHunt is a mobile app that allows students to play competitive treasure hunt games using smart devices. The app shows a map with treasure locations and where the player is located. When players approach the treasures they have to answer questions or solve challenges, like memory card games to earn points or digital prizes. The games can be played in teams or solo  and all games are created in the Creator CMS by educators or students themselves.

The Treasure Hunt Games are a great way to encourage students to explore and engage with their environment and can be a great introduction to basic computer programming.

The Treasure Hunt Games are easy to create and allow for re-usable education material that can be shared between classrooms.

GoldHunt has similar features as TurfHunt, which has been especially popular in the Nordic Counties. GoldHunt is specially designed for students and has no third party in-app advertising like TurfHunt.

Sign up for Creator CMS and start creating Treasure Hunt Games & Interactive Books today.

  • Easy navigation as students can see map of an area, their location and challenges at any time
  • Multilingual as multiple languages can be used for challenges
  • Teachers and students can be trained to use it in a very short time
  • Simple installation as apps just need to be downloaded and don’t require any additional infrastructure to work
  • Creator CMS enhances skills in developing, designing, writing and in various other fields
  • Great for team building and field trips
  • Teach various subjects with challenges about history, culture, nature or the geology relative to the place where the game is played
  • Multiple account types allow teachers to assign students to their group
  • Easily follow up on player’s activity, assist and guide them with question-bank and get reports of the activity in Creator CMS
  • Share content as admins can export games and later import to other accounts
  • Offline content is installed on the device and does not require internet access to operate except for transferring scores and seeing where the other teams are located
  • If students do not have internet connection they can still play after they have downloaded the game at school where they have the connection and scores will be updated as soon as they reach internet connection again

1. How to join a game

A)Select a game from the map B) Select game from the list C) Join with invitation cod /QR Code

Screenshot_20170118-154007  Screenshot_20170118-154029  Screenshot_20170118-154014

2. Select language and press “Join Game” (This will download game content)

Here you will see further info about the game; the title, description and logo. Also the information about how many treasure places there are and how many challenges are in the game and in which languages it is.


3. Enter your team’s name


4. Share the invitation code with others

Every player will enter the same code for the same game.

5. The other teams enter the code in “Redeem Invitation” at the front page


6. It is time to play when all the teams have signed in

7. The one who invited the others starts the game – Press start game now


8. Find treasures and solve challenges

On this screen you will see the map and see where the next treasure is located. If the game has been designed in a way that there are no routes between the treasures then all the treasures will appear at once, but a game with trails connected treasures will only show the first treasure location.  Go to the location and the challenge will automatically appear on the phone once are in range of the treasure.


9. Your team is the blue dot on the map, the others are green



10. Complete challenges to earn a score

There are different types of challenges the game designer can use when he sets up a challenge at a treasure point.  A treasure can have one or more challenges and player is rewarded by virtual gold coins and game items. When a user discovers a treasure, he will be presented with a challenge.  There are multiple-choice questions, photo challenges and a memory card game.

The game designer decides what kind of rewards the player gets. >Either gold coins, bags of gold, bags of diamonds or the the elixir of invisibility which makes the player disappear from the map for a minute. There are three levels of memory game; easy, medium and hard. The boards are different and the player is given a certain time to finish the task, the seconds count down as he flips the cards.


11. Check scoreboard / End game

During the game, the player sees his scores right away in the lower right corner on the map. The scoreboard sjows all teams scorse, how many challenges have been solved and the scores for each one. The game can be ended from this screen.


Locatify GoldHunt Education app

GoldWorm Education


GoldWorm is an interactive book app which allows students and educators to easily create interactive books with audio, animations and questions. The interactive books improve traditional learning methods of reading and learning new languages by integrating modern technologies and illustrated children books. The books are a great way to introduce young students to computer programming and for teachers to easily create teaching resources which can be re-used and shared.

All the books are created in the Creator CMS by students or teachers and are published to the GoldWorm app. The GoldWorm app features a public library full of multilingual books which can be viewed by anyone and a private library for use by your school or class.

Sign up for Creator CMS and start creating interactive books today.

  • Easy to use
  • Allows students to create interactive eBooks with images, text and audio in many languages
  • Multilingual – Publish eBooks in multiple langauges
  • Simple learning with text highlights synchronized with audio
  • Introduction to computer programming as you define what happens when users press a specific element
    • Switch page, play audio, play animation, play game, open map
    • Allow reader to move elements on a page
    • Allow picture to disappear when pressed
    • Get points when a picture is put to a right place
    • See on a Google Map where a story takes place
    • Text drop-down panel with scroll bar
  • Challenge the reader at each page
    • Multiple choice questions and scores
    • Play mini-games for points like Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Discussion material
  • Students have access to their own book in Creator CMS
  • Teachers can overview all their students’ books in Creator CMS
  • Each school has bookshelves that only their pupils can see


Creator CMS


Creator CMS is a user-friendly tool which allows you to design and publish games and books to the GoldHunt and GoldWorm apps. The Creator CMS is easy to navigate and provides a perfect introduction to computer programming and a useful database of education material.

Signup today using promo code: “MYGIFT” to receive the Locatify Education Package free until June 2018.

  • Create Interactive Books and Treasure Hunt Games from one place.
  • Easy to use
  • See usage reports and observe game progress




Observer Tool


Observer is designed for educators and allows them to observe GoldHunt games played by their students. The educator can see the location of his students and insights in students’ progress at any time (3G/4G connectivity on mobile devices is required for this feature to work).  

To observe players in GoldHunt you need to insert the code which  is generated when the game is started. 

  • Easy to use
  • Get a real time location of your student
  • Observe progress, see scores



Go To Observer


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The Locatify Education Package is made possible with thanks to support from  Nordplus Horizontal.