Draw attention to nature with a World Record!

A sensory-stimulating experience with lively assignments and challenging and insightful questions about about nature. Ole Gustav Peddelson, the expedition leader, takes the children (8-12 yrs.) into his natural fantasy world. The children take to the skies and fly around with their own wings, make a leaf-tailed gecko from leaves and go scuba diving.

Ole Gustav’s expedition was conceived, written and illustrated by Sanne van den Berg. Ole Gustav’s voice is voiced and edited by Remi Tjon Ajong. The game will take place in the Netherland and be available in Dutch only.

World Record Goal

Our goal is for children to feel the connection with nature, from their own imagination, experience, wonder and creations. And by allowing that connection to develop respect for nature and to be economical with the world.

In order to achieve the World Record, 20,000 players will need to complete the treasure hunt in 1 week. Players can start, pause and resume the game at any time. Up to 500 game locations will be included, with each location featuring the same game content but in various locations such as holiday parks and nature reserves. At the end of the week, there will be 1 Big Green Winner.

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