The app presents a schedule of events, floor maps of the expo area, information about the booths and a treasure hunt game in the booths using indoor location technology. Booth information and treasure hunt challenges are available in the app. The challenges only present themselves when the user is on location and encourages a dialog between the visitor and the staff. A leaderboard is present in the reception area with the latest game updates.

Branded Exhibition app

The “UTmessan” is a branded Locatify app for the annual ICT Conference and Exhibition in Iceland, taking place in Harpa in February. The app has maps of the venues, the exhibitor booths and content, schedule and challenges to solve on location.

The App presents the schedule of events at the conference and information about most of the booths and presentation halls. Using Bluetooth beacon technology, content will appear on the screen related to where the user is located and challenges presented. At each conference room the exact schedule of lectures taking place will appear on the screen.

Guests can solve challenges and earn points when they are present at the exhibition halls in proximity to an iBeacon. Winners are announced each day and rewarded with prizes. There will be a large screen showing the participants scores during the conference, they players can post their scores directly to Facebook within the app.  The App is owned by SKÝ, Skýrslutæknifélag Islands (The Icelandic Computer Society) and made using the Locatify Creator CMS, where all the content was uploaded by members of SKÝ.

Now Locatify’s customers can create indoor treasure hunt games at Creator CMS to publish in their branded apps for museum, conferences and other events. It gives a lot of opportunities to actively engage visitors at all ages to take part in an event. Scavenger hunts are coming more and more popular and attract customers to various occasion.