The SmartGuide North Atlantic tour-guide app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones.  It’s a GPS app for iPhones and iPads and presents audio guided tours with culture and stories of Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and North Norway with beautiful pictures, narrations and decorative maps. SmartGuide triggers automatically in designated places, it´s like having a personal guide in the phone. The app senses where a traveler is located using GPS technology. It can be enjoyed as an interactive book, or on location using the GPS activated guide for an unforgettable experience.


Nordic Cooperation

The SmartGuide North Atlantic app is a cooperative project between the technology company Locatify in Iceland, The Tourist Information Centre in Tórshavn, Faeroe Islands, and Greenland Sagalands in Greenland and OPUS – Vadsø Videregående skole in North Norway. NORA, the Nordic Atlantic Cooperation, supports the project.

A New Way to Travel

SmartGuide tours will increase tourism in remote areas so the awareness of spectacular places in the North will increase, and locals will benefit as well. Tourists learn about their surroundings from experts, gain therefore better understanding of the uniqueness of each area where cultural and natural heritage is professionally revealed.