In 2019 it is a hundred years since the Bauhaus was founded, the revolutionary art and design school whose influence is still felt. Nearly 800 objects – works of art, furniture, ceramics, textiles, photographs, typography and architecture – give you unique insight into the inspiring interaction between the Netherlands and the Bauhaus over the years.

Dreaming of a new world and searching for simplicity and functionality are among the principles of the Bauhaus. In 1919, architect Walter Gropius founded the revolutionary academy in Weimar in Germany for architects, artists and industrial designers. At a time when only a small top layer can afford expensive products designed by artists, the Bauhaus works from the ideal to make a beautiful and functional design available to everyone.

The groundbreaking principles of the program, later on of great influence worldwide, have also found an emphatic resonance in architecture, design and design education in the Netherlands. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen exposes this Dutch Bauhaus network for the first time in a large overview.

bauhaus_32 copyCustom Android App with Interactive Map

Working closely with Studio Maslow, Locatify Created a mobile app with an interactive map so visitors can use the tablet to unlock the hidden networks between the pioneers of the Bauhaus / Netherlands period.

Locatify created a custom Android app specifically for the 7″ tablets  and Studio Maslow used the Creator CMS® to upload the floor maps, artist and exhibit information in both Dutch and English.

The app features two tour options; a short highlights tour and a complete “Pioneers’ tour. The interactive map takes guests on a journey exploring the Bauhaus exhibit, learning how each artist and exhibit are interconnected.

Studio Maslow & Locatify

Studio Maslow is a creative studio that combines film, game, VR, and 4D video installations for museums and theme parks to create location based experiences. Based in Rotterdam, Studio Maslow uses the potential of new and forgotten audiovisual media (soft and hardware) to include people and spaces in the narrative.

Locatify worked closely with Kuba from Studio Maslow from idea conception, design and execution. Studio Maslow designed the experience, providing graphical elements and outlining the User Experience.

“The interactive map, that we made for the Netherlands-Bauhaus expo in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, shows the visitor a hidden layer of interconnectivity between artists in this art period. Thanks to the clever and easy to use mapping system and customisation services  of Locatify we were able to realise the challenge of making hundreds of stories and images associated, interactive and ultimately: accessible.” –  Kuba Szutkowski 

See more of Studio Maslow’s work here.Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 11.47.08

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