Locatify is proud to release the latest treasure hunt & walking tour app “Minjaslóð” for the Reykjavik harbour area. The app was created by Faxaflóahafnir, Borgarsögusafn Reykjavíkur og Minjastofnun Íslands for the occasion of the centenary of the sovereignty of Iceland and the Cultural Heritage Year of Europe 2018.

Hatid Hafsins / Celebration of the Ocean Ceremony 2018

Minjaslóð concentrates on the old harbour in Reykjavík Iceland, and it‘s purpose is to inform the user about the history of the harbour, it‘s buildings, piers and harbour walls.  Minjaleit is a treasure hunt game for the younger generation, where children learn about on the history of the harbour area in Reykjavík.

Minjaslóð contains fifteen information points in the harbor area in Reykjavik, where users learn about the harbor, its history and its role, in connection with sovereignty and theindependence of Iceland.

Minjaslóð appTestimonial

The team working on the app decided to work with Locatify on the project, since we had heard good things about the company. All in all, the collaboration between the team and Locatify was very good and the app has been received well by it’s users. We hope that it will continue to do so and that we‘ll have as good a collaboration with Locatify in the future as we have had so far. – Kv. Ásta

Download the app

Locatify would like to thank our partners in creating this app and we look forward to enjoying the walking tour and treasure hunt game soon. The app is free to download and available on both Android and iOS.

Want to know more? http://www.minjastofnun.is/um-stofnunina/samstarfsverkefni/minjaslod/