Locatify are demonstrating their latest Ultra-Wideband powered Automatic Museum Guide technology at the Icelandic Embassy in Stockholm on December 5th, 2017. The event is aimed at local Museum’s looking to innovate and provide an exceptional guest experience through innovative RTLS technology and storytelling.

Stockholm, with its rich maritime, art and cultural heritage boasts a variety of world class museums. Unique to Stockholm, is the accessibility of  the art and cultural scene. In over a dozen museums, you pay no entry at all, and it’s completely free to enjoy art, architecture, history and culture from near and far.

Locatify looks forward to hosting attendees and demonstrating the technology for the first time in Sweden. If you are interested in attending or would like further information regarding the event or Automatic Museum Guide, please send an email to info@locatify.com.

Breakfast Meeting Event Details:

Where: Icelandic Embassy, Kommendörsgatan 35, 114 58 Stockholm, Sweden

When: 09.30-11:30am – 5th December, 2017

*Light refreshments will be provided by the Embassy

Contact: Sebastian@locatify.com