Locatify is proud to announce the release of the Grampians Treasure Hunts app in partnership with Grampians Treasure Hunts. Grampians Treasure Hunts is a tourism company who are developing exploration games for tourism in the Grampians National Park in Australia.

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Grampians Treasure Hunts app

“Let us guide you around the region, using GPS locations, allowing you to experience the Grampians, your way. Not only will you find hidden gems around the region, but you will also experience the purest feeling of being connected, to yourself, your loved ones and nature, whilst having loads of fun.”

Locatify created custom Android and iOS apps which provide access to the treasure hunt games which were created in the Creator CMS. The games features different kinds of GPS triggered quiz challenges such as: multi-choice questions, upload a photo challenge, memory games, draw a picture and single answer text questions.

Players are awarded a letter for each correct challenge. The final challenge requires players to answer the challenge using the letters from previously completed challenges.

Download the app Android / iOS

Grampians National Park

The Grampians presents over 10,000 hectares of National Park with stunning sandstone mountains, picturesque waterfalls, scenic bush-walks, magnificent views and abundant wildlife. It boasts rich Aboriginal heritage and the region is known for its award-winning wines and local produce. The beauty of the region inspires local artists and attracts nature lovers and adventurers.

Customer Testimonial

“When we started our adventure in 2012 to develop and renovate Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, Grampians, Australia, we were new to the tourism industry which allowed us to tackle all challenges with an open mind and common sense approach. With a lot of hard work and determination we have built an incredible reputation as an accommodation provider supported by our consistently high online ratings.
Throughout this journey, we have always felt there was lack of information readily available regarding the wide variety of products on offer in this stunning part of the world. We have a real passion for the Grampians and enjoy guiding our guests around this wonderful yet remote region.
Having as Dutch background, where businesses are always on the look out for the next thing due to the much higher level of competition, we started our own hunt for a unique and efficient way of sharing itineraries that would enable our guests to explore the region, tailored to their needs.
And then we came across Locatify. I knew what we were looking for, and Locatify just seemed to understand and gave us confidence and trust. Although the business has its origins in Iceland, their office in Amsterdam was a real bonus. Nothing wrong with combining some business with leisure.
Locatify specialises in the development of location-aware mobile apps, all over the world, and their knowledge, professionalism and customer service is outstanding! They extended great patience whilst assisting in the development of our own branded app allowing our guests to be guided around the Grampians at any one time in all directions! The sky is the limit!
In our opinion the GPS based guides/tours and treasure hunts are the ultimate medium in exploring Australia with so many remote areas and hidden treasures to discover and are excited to open this market!
Thanks Locatify, we look forward to what’s to come.“- Josephina McDonald, Owner, Halls Gap Lakeside