Kontakt.io White Paper

Proximity: It’s Addictive

Kontakt.io just published an article about the Eldheimar Museum and location-based audio guide developed by Locatify. You can read the article here.


Surtsey Exhibition

Eldheimar Museum

Surtsey exhibition is on the second floor of Eldheimar museum. We added Surtsey exhibition in the Eldheimar app which has been in use for over a year now. The app is based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon technology. The app is also updated with two new languages – French and Norwegian.

car rental

Car Rental App

Friend in Iceland

We released a car rental app for Friend in Iceland. The app features guided tours, services and notifications thus allowing clients to easily and safely explore different areas. The app is based on Automatic Tourist Guide and currently only available on company’s devices that are handed to clients when they rent a car.


Vestmannaeyjar App Released

Explore this amazing island with a personal guide developed by Locatify

Vestmannaeyjar app is now released and available in Google Play and App Store. Check the local weather forecast, find transportation, look for services, enjoy audio guided tours, and play treasure hunts. GPS and maps will guide you around the island. The content for this municipality app is created in an easy way in the Creator CMS from Locatify’s website.


Gold Worm

Design and publish your interactive books to smart devices

Goldworm is an interactive book app reader for reading books created in the Locatify Book Creator System. Enjoy the books published and create your own. It is easy to design and to publish interactive books to smart pads. Flip through The Story of Musamus by Moshe Okon and Sigrún Birna Birnisdóttir in five languages and Santagirl by Steinunn Anna Gunnlaugsdóttir, while listening to the tails and answering to the questions. It’s easy and fun to design your own books.

New tour in SmartGuide


Explore Hornafjörður with SmartGuide – a free-to-use app!