Locatify’s Leifur Björnsson recently traveled to Slovenia to meet with all cooperating partners from Slovenia, Iceland, Portugal and Norway for the ESTEAM project.

About the ESTEAM Project:

The project ESTEAM arises from the personal experience and needs of science teachers and is co-financed by the EU Erasmus+ Programme. It is known that learning programs and the learning process are getting more comprehensive, faster and more demanding with the traditional ways of teaching is slowly losing effectiveness.

Modern, contemporary and fun ways of teaching with modern technologies included in learning process are in need.  Internationalization is promoted and there is also increased use of digital learning, possibly in combination with teaching in the field.

The ESTEAM project aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the school system through an innovative method (teaching methodology, toolkit & users experience space (virtual & nature)) that links National curriculum goals in natural science education with development of mobile teaching/users experience platform (ICT) in combination with outdoor activities. Additionally, development and findings will result in guide for Teachers in Natural Science Education – ESTEAM methodology Step by step guide.

Locatify’s role in the ESTEAM Project:

Locatify is providing technical expertise and access to the Locatify creator CMS to allow project members to implement and manage content for the online Treasure Hunt Game being used in the project  with the general objective to improve the teaching process in combination of ICT technologies and outdoor activities.

ESTEAM Project objectives:

– Research of National Curricula in project countries with the list of proposed programs and tool for designing lessons
– Create effective content & methodology for science teaching designed in collaboration with teachers, experts in the field of science, interpretation of the natural heritage & with experts in the field of ICT
– Develop mobile teaching/users experience platform
– Design of Guide for teacher in science education based on outputs, knowledge and experiences
– Increase the frequency and effectiveness of the use of ICT technologies in the teaching of science
– Increased level of digital competence for teachers & pupils
– Increased level in foreign languages for teachers &pupils

Locatify is excited to participate in this project and look forward to future developments. If you have a project you would like to discuss with Locatify, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Further reading: http://esteamproject.wixsite.com/mysite

Further reading: http://www.europeangeoparks.org/?p=5800