What is TurfHunt?

TurfHunt is a location-based treasure hunt game app designed for personal use such as birthday parties. The app is available as a free download for Android and iOS. The games are created in the Creator CMS by players or game facilitators and can be shared with other groups.  TurfHunt is also used as a generic test app for people wanting to test tours and games made in the Locatify Creator CMS prior to upgrading to a branded app.

TurfHunt for testing Tours and Games

TurfHunt is a generic test app which allows customers to publish their tours and games for testing on one device with limited features. To enable full features and capabilities, users will need to upgrade to a premium app (GoldHunt for Educators, SmartGuide or a branded app)

What Smartphones can be used for Turf Hunt?

Turf Hunt is available for Apple’s iPhone iOS 10.1 and Android devices with version 4.3 or later models of the Android operating system.

How do I get the TurfHunt app?

The Turf Hunt app is available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I join a treasure hunt after the game starts?

No, you can’t join a treasure hunt after the game master starts the game.

Do I need a network connection while playing a game?

Network connection is required while downloading a game but not necessary when playing. The questions, instructions, images and audio are downloaded before the game starts and are available without internet connection. We recommend players to download game content over WIFI connection before the games starts to keep 3G data usage to a minimum. Maps can be downloaded in the beginning of the game.

Players can play a game without internet connection, although some features such as uploading of score to the Locatify server will be delayed until the player connects to the internet again. This means players will not know which position they are in and the Game facilitator will not be able to see the players location using Game Observer.

What happens to a game in progress if I need to use my phone for other things?

The application will pause when the phone rings and then resumes after the phone call ends.  It continues to run in the background as well if you switch to another application, like the camera for example. To save battery life the GPS is turned off when the screen is turned off.

Does the GPS drain the battery more quickly?

Unfortunately yes GPS use will drain the battery quicker than usual. It is not uncommon more modern apps to use GPS however and phone manufacturers are taking this into consideration with improved operating systems and battery life.