Branded Apps 

Create your own branded app for any occasion!

Custom branded iOS and Android apps made with your content and branding. You have complete control over the content which can be added, changed or removed anytime with the easy to use Creator CMS. Custom & White label templates for Tourism Operators, Municipalities, Museums & Galleries, Rental Car Companies, Event Organizers & more.

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Locatify Apps 

Create and Publish Tour Guides and Scavenger Hunt Games!

Don’t need your own branded app? With Locatify TurfHunt and SmartGuide apps, anybody can publish and enjoy guided tours or treasure hunt games. Perfect for personal or small business use.

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SmartGuide TurfHunt Locatify

Locatify Education Apps 

Competitive Treasure Hunt Games & Interactive Books!

All-in-one Locatify Education package for schools is designed to improve learning experience by creation and gamification. Students and educators can design scavenger hunts and interactive books in Creator CMS and publish in the apps; Goldworm and Goldhunt Education.

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Locatify Education Package