GPS enabled automatic event guide


Locatify in partnership with StrollOn London was commissioned to produce an app for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.


To provide an in-depth guide to the royal wedding – everything you need to know about Prince William and Kate, the guests, ceremony, timetable, processions, music and reception.


Locatify worked closely with StrollOn to create content rich event guide filled with stunning photos and rich audio which could be accessed manually or triggered automatically via GPS.


“Locatify is an extremely professional organisation that has brought an imaginative and practical approach to the design and development of the StrollOn Apps. There is no doubt that without Locatify, Strollon would not be as interesting or good looking in the App store. We are still working on launching the Strollon Guides to several cities and Locatify is coming up with some imaginative features that should make us stand above the competition. Without doubt, Locatify provided what we wanted, in the way that we wanted it and at a reasonable price”.

Nicholas Craig Harvey,
CEO StrollOn London