Outdoor games by Locatify move indoors with the use of new technology. 

An article on Locatify in the Nordic Game Newsletter. Locatify created TurfHunt, a treasure-hunt game app and CMS where users create their own games, with support from the Nordic Game Program in 2011. Many teachers and students in the Nordic countries are currently using the technology to create and play interactive location-based games.

Locatify’s latest innovation is the Automatic Museum Guide app. The app senses signals from Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and calculates where a visitor is located within a museum using triangulation.

Locatify is the only company which offers museums an app where a visitor can see where he/she is located on a floor-map. With this is a revolutionary technology, the blue GPS dot which indicates the user on a map outdoors can now be shown on indoor maps as well.

Exhibit narration also starts automatically at the right place without any effort on the visitors¹ behalf.

All content for the app is created in Locatify’s CMS. Treasure-hunt games can be made for indoor-use as well, to support museums’ educational programs and other purposes in a new indoor environment.

This video shows how the Automatic Museum Guide is used at the Eldheimar Museum in Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland along with the Automatic Tourist Guide.