Five Icelandic women received recognition for innovation at EUWIIN 2015 International Festival in London, among them was  Steinunn Anna Gunnlaugsdóttir for Locatify.

EUWIIN International is an international conference and awards ceremony, which is held every two years, as women around the world are nominated for awards for innovation. This time the conference was held in London in October and lasted two days with speakers from around the world, the women also exhibit their innovation. The goal is to make women more visible in this field and publicize their products. More than two hundred women were nominated for awards and among them was the Queen of Ghana, who invented special woven fabric which is already used by famous fashion designers.

Five Icelandic women received the recognition, they are: Erla Björnsdóttir for Better Sleep, Fida Abu Libdeh for Geo Silica, Gunnhildur Arnardóttir for CEO-huxun, Guðný Reimarsdóttir for Eco Nord and Steinunn Anna Gunnlaugsdóttir for Locatify.

The guest of honor was Icelend’s first lady Dorrit Moussaef who was charming in her speach. In the recent years, 49 Icelandic women have been nominated for this award by Elinor Sigurðardóttir, Chairman and founder of Women (Women’s Association in Innovation) who has made over 300 television programs on entrepreneurs.

Grand Prize winner of the evening was Dr. Louisiana Tors professor from Italy, which received first prize for groundbreaking methodology to measure inflammatory factors, such as c-reactive protein, etc. saliva and other body fluids.


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