What will our workplace look like in the future?

Are we moving towards the ultimate ‘smart’ office, where AI supports you to be at your most productive?

We would like to invite you to the speculative design project Queen B; a spatial installation and closing event exploring the future of work and our work environment.

From June 11 – 21 you can experience a future scenario at B. Amsterdam. An ultimate ‘smart’ and personalised office, that observes and steers you throughout the day.

A comfortable service, or a daunting scenario?

Initiators Studio LONK and Ditt. Officemakers, along with pioneering tech companies IBM, BluBrick|Nexton and Locatify, explore how users experience such an extremely personalised environment.

Experience & Closing Event

We would like to invite you to experience the spatial installation between June 11-21 at B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763


Get your tickets for the closing event where a great set of expert and creative speakers have been arranged to discuss the topics raised during the project

*Limited number of free sponsored tickets are available – contact us today  to secure your free ticket (first in, first served).*