GPS Tour Guide App


Global Geo Routes is a collection of Geoparks and other incredible places in Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway and the Shetland Islands.


To help Geo Routes add value to their existing tourism bookings and to help service a wider range of customers.


Geo Routes choose the Locatify map view tour guide template and created their own GPS enabled tour guides and scavenger hunt games in the Locatify CMS. Users can simply download the app and enjoy free tours and scavenger hunts with audio, images and challenges.

iOS / Android


“The Locatify products are great tools to help visitors explore new places, and they are really easy to work with. The content management system is simple to use so it’s no problem to make changes or add new things to keep the apps fresh. The staff at Locactify are lovely to work with and I would recommend them.”

Robina Barton, Geopark Shetland Project Officer