The team building company Geotrail created an App in Locatify’s Creator CMS where 400 player can play a GPS scavenger hunt. The treasure hunt games presented are published by for team building activities in Denmark.  More event organizers have found the use of Creator CMS great for team building, such as ETC Adriatic in Slovenia.

The GEO Challenges app presents treasure locations on a map, which the players have to visit and solve challenges. A large event is planned the last weekend of January where a complete game will be played. The App serves as a virtual game board; and players compete for score. Results will be presented for the participants by at the end of the activity if it is coordinated by the company. developed the GEO Challenge concept for team building in a GPS treasure hunt with an emphasis on communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. The games are used by to conducted treasure hunt for companies, teams are sent out and need to find items and solve challenges. Once the app and games are downloaded to the phone, the game can run without access to the Internet. However, it will not be possible to see the location of other participants or their results without access to the Internet.

The winner is the team that through cooperation, communication and knowledge sharing achieves the most points, when the points for the double team which is part of the activity are counted together. Further information on Geotrail website.

Locatify has made several changes to Creator CMS. Now players can scan a QR code as well as type in a code for the game, games can be started and ended within Creator CMS, and more teams can enter each game.