To edit a treasure on the map you find the pin you want to work with on the map and click on it, a menu bar slides up where you will enter information regarding this treasure. This box contains Basic Info.

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 6.51.16 PM


Basic Info tab is the first step. You can enter a title and description of your treasure, upload an audio and an image.  Pay notice to the slide bar to the right, if you are making your game in another language as well you will enter the same information in that language.  You will have to do this for all the languages you added to the game in the first step.

You will see the longitude and latitude of your treasure along with the active radius; you can extend the radius (25 meters is good for walking but if it is a game set for cars or motorbikes the radius needs to be larger, depending on the speed.) If you have the correct mark for the location you can enter them in the boxes as well. Press the “Save” button

The Challenge tab is where you select what type of treasure you want to be placed at that specific point and how many scores for finding the treasure are awarded. Here you can also add challenges by clicking the “Add challenge“ button. When you add a challenge a box will appear below where you can select the score awarded for solving the challenge, reward given (for now we have an invisibility elixir which has the power of hiding the team on the map for a short time so the opposing teams can’t see it) and a treasure type. The challenge types can be either a memory game or a question defined by the user.

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If you select the question option you can select a question from the Question Bank or create your own question by pressing, “Make a question or select one from the question bank”.  A box will slide out with the Question Bank. The questions you write will be saved in the bank where you can access them later. You can also look for questions you or your publishing group has made in “Search for questions” by writing a keyword in your question or just press “enter” in the white box in order to see all the questions you have entered in your bank. You can as well look by the tags you have marked your question with in the Question pool. If you do have several languages you enter text for each one. If you want to write a hint to a question you can do that or leave that box empty. You can add more challenges to the pin if you desire.  Remember to save your work.


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Once you‘ve filled out everything for the current treasure point you will move over to the next point and repeat the steps.