All Premium licenses include the ability to add multiple users to a Creator CMS publisher account. This means users linked to the same publisher account can view and edit project content, publish projects, and view scoreboard and reports.

If the person you want to collaborate with does not have an account already, you can add them via the Creator CMS > Account settings > Users tab.

Note: Each account has a specified billing user who is the user who upgraded the account.


Plan Limits

Free Plan: 1 x user per account

Teacher License: 1 x user per license

Single & Multiple Project licenses: 3 x users per account

Branded App: 5 x users per account


Admin users vs Editor user

Admin users can manage additional users and can control all content on the publisher account. Guide users can only view and edit their own content.


Sharing login credentials with other users

It is not recommended to share your login credentials with other users. This may result in content not being saved correctly and can result in the termination fo your account.