What is The Automatic Event & Expo App?

The Automatic Event & Expo App is the perfect digital solution for your next conference or event.

The app provides a direct medium for connecting with guests, providing engaging location specific challenges and delivering important information in an innovative way. The simple to use app works for both indoor and outdoor locations, using GPS, Google Maps, and indoor Bluetooth Beacons to detect where visitors are located. The app shows a map of an area with points of interest (Expo stands, facilities, shops etc.) and detects where the user is located, triggering corresponding challenges or notifications when guests approach pre-set objects.

The apps administrator can easily publish their own content and update the app using the Creator CMS (discussed below).  Locatify´s Automatic Event & Expo App adds measurable value, both to the customer experience and to the organiser’s bottom line.

How is it used?

Greet your groups with your branded event app with activities, maps and reference material for the event.  Manage the activities and content in the app using the Locatify Creator CMS and present scoreboards for the games.

The app includes any combination of: event’s schedule, audio guided tours and scavenger hunt games with challenges and score, points of interest on maps and a group chat. The points of interest are presented on indoor or outdoor maps and are activated automatically based on the user’s location.

Users play the treasure hunt games to earn score and solve challenges on location when treasure locations are visited. Games include a scoreboard for sharing the results and for the coordinator to be able to hand out rewards after a game activity. Further information on Team-building with scavenger hunt apps.

Where can it be used?

Your customers are referred to download the app before or during the event.  The app can be used both for outdoor and indoor events with maps and applicable location technology. The automatic triggering of location based content is handled outdoor with GPS and indoor using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to position the user.

The app includes the information relevant to the event including the schedule and activities.  The customer will use the app to take part in group activities, to self explore with audio guides, and to look at the schedule and reference material.

Try it for free!

Everybody can create and test their own limited tours and games in the Locatify Creator CMS and generic test-app free of charge. Simply sign up for Locatify Creator CMS and download the TurfHunt app to Android or iOS. Create your desired tour or game in the CMS and publish for testing in the TurfHunt test-app.  For indoor tours and games you will need a venue floor map and your own beacons.



Get you own branded app!

Enhance your customer’s experience and increase brand awareness with your own branded app.  Upload your logo, graphics and content and manage your own in-app content. You have complete control over the content which can be added, changed or removed in the Creator CMS at any time.

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Additional revenue and reduced costs for your business:

  • Improve the guest experience leading to positive reviews and increased visitors
  • Increased brand exposure & ability to extend the experience after the guest leaves
  • Increase sales of additional tours or products with in-app booking page, vouchers and promotions
  • Receive commission from partners and affiliates with in-app advertising
  • Service a wider range of customers with multilingual guides
  • Make better business decisions with user analytics
  • Reduce costs by implementing technology that allows content to be easily updated with important and useful in-app information
  • Stay up-to-date in industry as innovative and simple to use technology is being widely adopted to increase customer satisfaction

Improve the guest experience

  • Simplified guidance – users can access all relevant information about a destination or area with points of interest and outdoor GPS navigation all in one simple to use app
  • Provide an engaging and entertaining guest experience with Interactive and fun treasure hunt games that encourage guests to explore the area and earn scores
  • Deliver event information in a simple and innovative way with location specific delivered content

Core Features:

  • Custom Branded App increases online agency and visibility of your brand
  • Offline Content does not require internet access to operate once the app is installed
  • Multilingual allowing users to listen, watch or read descriptions in various languages
  • Indoor & Outdoor locations supported in one app via BLE beacons and GPS
  • Outdoor Navigation supported by Google Maps and GPS
  • Multimedia Guided Tours to entertain and inform guests
  • News and Announcements can be delivered to visitors directly through the apP
  • Treasure Hunt Games support active learning & encourage people to explore the area
  • Advertise local businesses or destinations
  • Custom Maps & Markers create a unique user experience and allow for monetizing the app with advertisement for cafes,  shops and other points of interest
  • Coupons to advertise discounts for cafes,  shops and other points of interest
  • Optional Login to collect user contact details
  • Social Media sharing integration

Offline content

After the app is installed on a device, the internet connection is not required. Scores will upload on leaderboard when internet connection is established.

Indoor location using BLE

Users see their location on an outdoor map or an indoor floor map using the latest location technology. BLE Beacons can be easily installed on the walls because they are conveniently sized and do not need external power supply while GPS works well outdoors.

The BLE beacons are inexpensive, battery driven and placed in strategic locations within the venue. Installation of the BLE Beacons is easy, fast and requires minimal maintenance. BLE technology is the latest trend for indoor positioning and Locatify has developed a functional and tested product for it.


On the front-page of Locatify’s website is an access the Observer Application where games in progress can be observed on the web. To observe a game, either enter the game’s invitation code into the Observer or enter it from within the Creator CMS.  The game can be observed by a facilitator who wants to see where the players are and the scores on the leaderboard. It can be on display on a large screen for all who are interested in following up on a game in action. Chat system is available as well. Selfies and pictures taken in the game are on display.


  • Start/End games from the app or the Creator CMS
  • Scan a QR code or enter the code to start
  • Solve challenges, answer quizzes or play mini-games on location
  • Take photos or selfies on location to send in for validation
  • Play the game solo or with multiple teams
  • Chat with the game master
  • See your location and the other teams’ location on the map
  • Scores for finding treasures and solving them, visible on scoreboard
  • Winner gets the highest scores

Content Created in Creator CMS



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Event Guide in action

Locatify Automatic Event Guide app









Morten Salomonsen

THANK YOU LOCATIFY In many ways, the GEO Challenge event in Aarhus, Denmark Jan. 30th was big success. A BIG THANKS to the dedicated Locatify team who have been working with us at Geotrail for the last couple of month. Based on our ideas the Locatify team developed and customized the app and CMS module, that served as a virtual platform for the event!

The event was one of several activities for the employees from a large Danish company, who need a break and some fresh air between the corporate PowerPoint slides. After a brief introduction, the 400 participants set out in teams to search and find 100 preplanned challenges – all with the overall ambition to promote cooperation, knowledge sharing and communication.

The game concept and the technique worked as planned, and even though the weather was a bit rough, all participants seemed to enjoy the event. At Geotrail we look forward to continuing the cooperation with Locatify, improving the app and maybe pursue new possibilities.”

Morten Salomonsen, CEO, GeoTrail