Team building activities are becoming more popular and an industry is developing for such a service in many countries. The team building industry is growing and is constantly looking for new innovative activities to increase the attractiveness of their services.

The Locatify TurfHunt Treasure Hunt app is used by some team building companies. We get many inquiries from such companies who are using TurfHunt to make treasure hunt games for their clients. The concept of location based content, challenges and scoreboard using a mobile app is a perfect as a team building activity.

Team Bulding – What’s all about?

Team building is an ongoing process that helps a work group evolve into a cohesive unit. It improves interpersonal relations and social interactions. The concept of team building was first set forward in the 1920s with the Howthorne Studies. These studies examined what happened to a group of workers under various conditions. Results showed that a group’s identity and cohesion grew due to increased interaction between the group members. Today, team building activities are used to develop an effective work team by putting it under various conditions. This results in better cohesion at the workplace.

TurfHunt Treasure Hunt App

How does it work and what does it have to do with team building?
ETC Adriatic using TurfHunt for Team Building Event

ETC Adriatic using TurfHunt for Team Building Event. Source:

The TurfHunt App was initially developed for youth in schools going on field trips with their instructor who had made the game.  The kids could play using their mobile phone a location-based treasure hunt games using GPS navigation. The app positions the team and presents challenges on location for extra score. Each team must find the location and go there in order to earn points and answer challenges, like solving a quiz or playing a simple memory game. Many teams can play the game at the same time and compete against each other with a single scoreboard.

It’s easy to make the treasure hunt games using the Locatify Creator CMS website. Anyone can make a game with treasure points and challenges they make themselves.  Then the game is published and available to play in the mobile app.

TurfHunt has become a great app for team building activities. The participants have to work together in teams. This significantly increases the cohesion, interpersonal relationships and cooperation of the participants.

An electronic treasure hunt app is also easier to make and maintain for the provider rather than having a pen-an-paper treasure hunt with physical treasures at certain locations.  They can quickly create customized treasure hunt games directly from their office, thus eliminating unnecessary work to physically place the treasures in an area and possibility that the treasures are removed by people before the game even starts.

The provider can also follow the teams in real time and see their performance through the Observer web application. Internet connectivity on mobile devices is required for this feature to work.

TurfHunt or Branded App?

TurfHunt is currently free-to-use with games from anywhere. The free version is slightly limited in features, like how many teams can play the same game.  This is great for trying out the system and making a game for your birthday and such, but we recommend team building companies to get their own branded app where they have full control of the content in the app and the app is branded in their name, with news, announcements, extra markers on the map and more. A branded team building app is also a great marketing tool that increases provider’s recognition and influences sales.

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