The trip tracker and survey app is a GPS data collection tool that collects location data about the user’s movement and travel.

The tracker can be used as part of a travel survey or without participating in a survey. Survey participants are asked to record all trips during time period. Once the tracking is started it will record all locations during that time. When there have been x min (x m) since last movement was recorded it will be assumed that the trip has come to an end. Participants will be asked to answer questions about each trip. The purpose of these questions is to gain better understanding about the details of the trip. For instance, on might be asked the purpose of the trip and the mode of transportation. The participant will also be asked to answer few general survey questions.

The app can be run in background mode while other facilities of the phone are used. Because it will continue to collect GPS coordinates while running in background mode the battery life can decrease significantly. You may need to charge your iPhone during or after the tracking process.

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