IMG_9334“Locatify developed an audio guide for Eldheimar, which is a very important part of the museum. The cooperation with Locatify is very good, the company is enthusiastic and professional.”

Kristín Jóhannesdóttir, Director Eldheimar in Vestmannaeyjar

“Locatify is an extremely professional organisation that has brought an imaginative and practical approach to the design and development of the Strollon Apps. There is no doubt that without Locatify, Strollon would not be as interesting or good looking in the App store. We are still working on launching the Strollon Guides to several cities and Locatify is coming up with some imaginative features that should make us stand above the competition. Without doubt, Locatify provided what we wanted, in the way that we wanted it and at a reasonable price”.

Nicholas Craig Harvey, CEO StrollOn London 

“Mobile learning adds new dimensions to education. Turf Hunt gives teachers the ability to create mobile learning experiences that integrate physical exercise, gaming, problem-solving and information retrieval using a tool that all children are comfortable with – their mobiles.”

Alastair Creelman, Professor at Linnéuniversitetet/Linnaeus University, Sweden

“TurfHunt treasure hunt games provide an outdoor arena for teaching. It´s social, different and fun!”

Guro Aarre, Professor at University of Stavanger, Norway

Kurt 4x5

“We use TurfHunt to get our pupils out. Walk and talk, or run. The pupils can move around in pairs or groups to do the challenges, without adults, and we know exactly where they are.”

Kurt Mikal Klungland, Prinsipal of Samfundet School in Egersund Norway

“The Smart Guides developed by Locatify has been a great success in the Settlement Centre of Iceland. The App works really well and the staff of Locatify is only one phone-call away.”

Sigríður Margrét Guðmundsdóttir, Managing Director of The Settlement Centre, Iceland

“Gea Norvegica Geopark, Norway, has recently started using Locatify’s smartphone apps (TurfHunt and SmartGuide) for teaching purposes. Playing games outdoor is great fun and an excellent way to actively learn about geology and navigation at the same time. We hope that this amusing new technology will trigger children’s interest in nature and inspire them to learn more.”

Jane Karine Lønne Dolven, paleontologist in Gea Norvegica Geopark.

hulda“The treasure hunt was successfully: o) The kids were excited and eager to try it out. This program is brilliant! Several parents tested it also and were so impressed, the game worked very well for them. One father said it was exactly the thing for family gatherings he sees about in the summer. I run the game quite often there where about 12 groups that went between stations these days.

I found it most enjoyable when the kids were connected to 3G all the time in the game, then they saw each other’s team and I saw them from the computer at school. Under such circumstances, the competition hit the game, these groups were the most active ones. Those who were internet connected by 3G were very surprised by how little “credit” they had used in the game. Very positive: o)”

Hulda Jóhannesdóttir, teacher in Hvaleyrarskóli, Hafnarfirði, Iceland.