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Use the Locatify platform to publish location aware content to mobile apps

Make guided tours or treasure hunt games for indoor and outdoor use on a mobile device – powered by iBeacon and GPS technologies. Publish your content to a branded app or use one of the Locatify apps.


Our apps are designed with their intended users in mind.

Apps developed by Locatify allow visitors to explore, learn and engage more thoroughly by providing location-aware content, games and navigation. Whatever your wishes, we’ll help bring them to life and meet your expectations.

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Control every aspect of your app through our powerful Creator CMS.

The Creator CMS is a publishing tool that allows you to upload content such as texts, photos, videos and audio files directly to the app. In the Creator CMS you can also manage indoor and outdoor locations that trigger content delivery.


Made for…

Revolutionise the museum with the Automatic Museum Guide, utilising the indoor location technology provided by Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. The guide includes maps, narrations and location aware content popups.Read more
Improve your visitors experience by engaging them to explore a territory in greater depth and at their own pace. The app guides them through sights, promotes services, and provides on-location information using GPS. To increase engagement and group activities, create challenges for treasure hunt games.Read more
Who says learning can’t be a fun game? Use our all-in-one package for schools and get two entertaining didactic apps with GPS treasure hunt games and interactive books. The games and books are easy to make in the Creator CMS and publish to mobile devices for enjoyment. Teach your students in an entertaining way.Read more


Our latest achievements

  • c4500563-5043-400d-a66a-39cdbc48d668

World Record Green Scavenger Hunt attempt with Soekky Stories Grootste Groene Speurtocht

A sensory-stimulating experience with lively assignments and challenging and insightful questions about about nature. Ole Gustav Peddelson, the expedition leader, takes the children (8-12 […]

  • Vínlandssetrið

500 years before Columbus! Vínlandssetrið Leifsbúð (Leif Eiriksson Center) now open!

The Vinland Center Leifsbúð is an exciting destination for young and old, where stories of land discovery by Eiríkur Red […]

  • GPS Grand Tour barcelona app by Locatify

GPS GT App released for Barcelona! “GPS Grand Tour, to Guide, to Entertain”

Barcelona Segwayday offers Segway and eScooter tours in Barcelona as  great way to experience the city from a different perspective! […]

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Locatify Apps

Automatic Tourist Guide

This video shows how you can improve visitors experience with Automatic Tourist Guide by engaging them to explore the territory in greater depth and at their own pace.

Automatic Museum Guide

This video shows how the Locatify Autoamtic Museum Guide is used in Eldheimar museum in Iceland. The app works on iBeacon (BLE) technology.

TurfHunt in Action

This fun video shows our TurfHunt app in action. You start a game, invite your friends and enjoy it. The video looks better in full screen, check it out!

SmartGuide in Action

Introduction to our SmartGuide application for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. Beautiful scenery from Iceland. You can also view the video in full screen.

Our Customers

They use our user-friendly Creator CMS to publish and manage content for their branded apps.  Try some of their apps.


Eldheimar Museum

Locatify Platform: Automatic Museum Guide
Eldheimar Museum in Iceland is equipped with the Automatic Museum Guide developed by Locatify. Each visitor receives a mobile device with installed location-aware audio guide powered by iBeacon technology.
The app is only available on devices in Eldheimar Museum.


Locatify Platform: Automatic Tourist Guide
Explore this amazing island with a personal guide developed by Locatify. Check the local weather forecast, find transportation, look for services, enjoy audio guided tours, and play treasure hunts. GPS and maps will guide you around the island.

  • App store
  • Google play

Magma Geopark

Locatify Platform: Automatic Tourist Guide
Play treasure hunt games in Magma Geopark using your device with GPS and in-app maps. Discover treasure locations, solve challenges and explore the area deeper. Magma Geopark is supported by UNESCO.

  • App store
  • Google play


Locatify Platform: Automatic Tourist Guide
Explore the regions of Moselle, Sarre, Hunsrück, Eifel and Luxembourg in a unique way with audio guided tours from our partners AudioBits in Trier, Germany. AudioBits is continually adding new tours to the app for tourists and educators alike.

  • App store
  • Google play
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Client Testimonials

What our customers say about us

“Locatify developed an audio guide for Eldheimar, which is a very important part of the museum. The cooperation with Locatify is very good, the company is enthusiastic and professional.”
Kristín Jóhannesdóttir, Director of Eldheimar Museum, Iceland
“My app from Locatify helps my car-rental customers to find self-driving tours and places of interest. It also helps my business to receive commissions for the services offered in the app, and it’s easy to manage the information.”
Gunnar Sigurdsson, CEO, Friend in Iceland
“We use TurfHunt to get our pupils out. Walk and talk, or run. The pupils can move around in pairs or groups to do the challenges, without adults, and we know exactly where they are.”
Kurt Mikal Klungland, Principal of Samfundet School, Norway
“The Locatify products are great tools to help visitors explore new places, and they are really easy to work with. The content management system is simple to use so it’s no problem to make changes or add new things to keep the apps fresh. The staff at Locactify are lovely to work with and I would recommend them.”
Robina Barton, Geopark Shetland Project Officer, Scotland
“The Locatify system makes it simple to create and publish your own tours, add updates and new content as projects develop.”
Andrea Easey, Interpretation Editor, National Portrait Gallery, United Kingdom

About Us

At Locatify we specialize in the development of innovative mobile solutions.

We are an Icelandic company with designers, programmers, and marketing specialists who are committed to deliver a high quality and easy to use platform for making apps.

Our marketing team welcomes you to discuss your interests concerning our products and solutions.

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