The Geopark App developed by Locatify is a new technology for exploring Geoparks which provides visitors education, navigation, guidance, narration and easy access to the services in the Geopark. The Geopark App has been specially developed for Geoparks to enrich visitor’s experience. With the Geopark App you can make exploring easy, simple and unforgettable.

Video presentation

Locatify has developed a platform for location based smart phone and tablet apps, which can be used in many purposes. Geoparks, museums, tourist boards, municipalities etc. use the platform. In the video you can see how the platform works.

How is it used?

The Geopark App runs on smart phones and tablets. The app provides the user a map of points of interest (special locations, services etc.) in an area and user’s exact location on it. The app detects where the user is located and when he approaches pre-set points of interest it can play the corresponding guide to him. A guide is enjoyed without Internet connection and includes audio, video or text.

The user can also play treasure hunt games, solve challenges, earn score and compete with other users which is especially good for student groups and provides them interactive learning.

The Geopark can publish its own content and update the app using the Locatify Content Management System (CMS).

Tested and proven

The app is tested and proven.Geopark Apps made by Locatify are already in use in Norwegian Magma Geopark, GeaNorwegia Geopark and Icelandic Katla Geopark.

Technology used

To determine tourist’s location we use Global Positioning System (GPS).

App is available for iOS 6 + and Android 4.1+ devices.

The Locatify Management Tool is a Content Management System (CMS) developed by Locatify.


  • Promote services

Map markers allow you to make services in your Geopark visible. Promote accommodation services, restaurants and other local experience services through the app. The navigation to the services is easier through the app. The app also allows easy booking of the services.

  • Interactive education

Provide you visitors the possibility to learn interactively. This feature is especially good for student groups. The app allows you to create treasure hunt games with challenges to solve, played solo or in teams.

  • Low cost

The app is inexpensive in comparison to printed material (maps, guides), which is usually delivered to visitors.

  • Easy navigation

Visitors see the map of the Geopark, their locationand points of interest in the Geopark at any time. Navigation to the points of interest and services is therefore very easy.

  • Multilingual

The appis multilingual and allows visitors to listen, watch or read points of interest descriptions and other offers in their first language.

  • Easy to use

The app doesn’t require any specific knowledge from the user. The guides are played automatically when visitor approaches the pre-set points of interest.

Content and points of interest can be added, changed or removed through user-friendly content management system (CMS). Geopark personnel can be trained to use it in very short time.

  • Easy installation

The app uses GPS to determine user’s location and therefore doesn’t require any additional infrastructure to work.

  • Attract more visitors

More visitors will be attracted by innovative and simple technology used in the Geopark.

  • Branded app

The app is specially made and designed for your Geopark and additionally increases visibility of it online.

  • Offline content

Installed app on the device does not require Internet access to operate.

  • News

Offer your visitors latest news through the app. With these announcements you can inform them of special events or foreseen danger in the area to secure their visit.

Geopark App

Geopark App