In the new app Locatify SmartGuide both treasure hunt games and smart guides are to be found in the same app.

When the app is downloaded a map opens up where users can choose if they are want to join a treasure hunt game by visiting the places where treasures are to be found in a multi- or single player GPS game or if they are interested in listening to tales connected to the environment in a smart guided tour.

In order to enjoy the stories of the environment on a visit the GPS triggers the audio in the right places, if the user wants to get to know the area from the comfort of his own home he can scroll though the pictures, listen to the narration and observe the map like an ebook.

The app has the same narration content as SmartGuide North Atlantic and the same selected games as in TurfHunt along with extra content.

The user interface is new and improved, the focus is on simplicity and an easy way to navigate. The guides and games are created in Locatify’s Creator CMS where it is easy to upload all the material needed for publishing. Games and guides can be created for Locatify brands or clients own white label brands.

More apps will be published in the next weeks made in the CMS.