Two courses will start next week where local teachers will teach students how to create treasure hunt games to be used in teaching and how to implement games in studies. Locatify’s CMS is a tool that can be used for all ages.

Students at the University of Iceland Sport Section at Laugarvatn, Iceland’s future teacher and coaches are taking the course Hobbies Education (Tómstundafræði) tough by Gunnar Gunnarsson. The students are trained to use the Smartphone treasure hunt app TurfHunt to increase physical activity among children and adolescents. Their project is to create a treasure hunt that can be used for recreational activities or teaching sports or academic subjects.

Students at the elementary school Sæmundarskóli in Reykjavík in 8th and 9th grade are taking a course in TurfHunt for 6 weeks where students learn how to create games for different subjects tough by Sólveig Rósa Sigurðardóttir.

We at Locatify are excited about how many teachers and students are using our games in the Nordic countries. We would love to get information and testimonials from our pleased customers.