The eBook Creator is a new upcoming addition to the Locatify Creator CMS.

Book Builder Platform

Design and publish your interactive book to smart devices

With the Locatify eBook Creator, it is easy to design and publish your own interactive eBook with multi-media content.

The eBook can be enjoyed on a tablet or smartphone with iOS or Android operating systems.

Interactive books engage the reader in a story and takes books to a whole new level with many opportunities like in education and elsewhere. 

The eBook Creator is now and in testing with selected partners; schools, publishers and authors, who participate in this project. Beta testing starts soon.

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The eBook Creator Features

The eBook Creator CMS website is where the book author can make the interactive book and publish to iOS and Android app readers provided by Locatify and branded in your name.


  • Add images, text and audio in many languages
  • Text highlights synchronized with audio
  • Text drop-down panel with scroll bar
  • Attach sounds to images and text
  • Define what happens when user presses elements
    • Switch pages, play audio, play animation
    • Allow moving elements on page by reader
  • Challenge the reader at end of each chapter
    • Multiple choice questions and points
    • Discussion material
Intro Video



Why use our platform?

Easy to make, affordable and brings new life to older books by republishing them in the system as interactive eBooks.

  • Compose new interactive eBooks with audio
  • Publish older classics for a new generation of readers
  • Own branded app Book Reader with only your content
  • Sell books directly from the app or through a website
  • Easy and affordable to make your presence on tablets and smartphones

Two interactive children books will be published in April in several  languages; Danish, Latvian, Faroese, Icelandic and English. Nordplus Horizontal has supported this development.

Those who are interested in participating in the eBook Creator trials, please contact us at