Automatic Tourist Guide

This video shows how you can improve visitors experience with Automatic Tourist Guide by engaging them to explore the territory in greater depth and at their own pace.

Automatic Museum Guide

This video shows how the Locatify Autoamtic Museum Guide is used in Eldheimar museum in Iceland. The app works on iBeacon (BLE) technology.

TurfHunt in Action

This fun video shows our TurfHunt app in action. You start a game, invite your friends and enjoy it. The video looks better in full screen, check it out!

SmartGuide in Action

Introduction to our SmartGuide application for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. Beautiful scenery from Iceland. You can also view the video in full screen.

Creator CMS Tutorial Videos

Tutorials for the use of the Creator CMS web tool to make audio tours, treasure hunt games, interactive books, and publish them to a mobile app for enjoyment.

The tutorials consist of the following video sections:
1. CMS Overview
2. Create a GPS Treasure Hunt Game
3. Create an Indoor Tour Using Beacons
4. Create Books in Locatify’s […]