We are working on the the project Interactive Books for Children supported by Nordplus and it is going great. Teachers and publisher from Denmark, Latvia, Faroe Islands and Iceland took part in a meeting in Riga in October.

The purpose of the project is to improve traditional learning methods of reading and learning new languages by integrate modern technologies and illustrated children books. The purpose is to encourage children to read good books, get to know different Nordic languages through interactive books and enjoy our cultural heritage.

The goals of the projects are:

  • To provide an engaging, innovative and high quality teaching and learning tool in national curricula subjects
  • To make reading, spelling, understanding of text and learning new languages more attractive through interactive and competitive activities
  • To promote active learning
  • To promote the use of modern technologies in education
  • To teach digital literacy in safe, smart, and responsible way
  • To encourage understanding of the Nordic culture though literacy
  • To provide services as an example of best practice to other educational institutions
  • To make an easy to use tool for publishing and usage of interactive books in schools

The project target group encompasses all sectors of education: pre-schools, elementary, vocational training institutions as well as adult learners learning new languages.