iBeacon enabled automatic audio guide


The Icelandic Wartime Museum (WWII Museum) located in the picturesque Reyðarfjörður in the east of Iceland provides a trip back to the 1940’s to the high point of World War II in Iceland. The museum is rich in history and truly one of a kind. 

Locatify Icelandic Wartime Museum Installation 7


To create an immersive audio experience of days gone by, both from the perspective of the soldiers as well as the inhabitants of Reyðarfjörður village.


The audio guide installation comprises 20 Android devices, an indoor BLE iBeacon installation and multilingual audio guide content to provide a lively addition to the museum’s WWII exhibitions. The app can also be downloaded to guests own devices:

iOS / Android

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“The audio guide brings the museum to life. And if you don´t have time or want to know more you can download the app on your own phone so you can listen and read about WW2. Our experience in whole is great!”

Birgir Jónsson Fjarðarbyggð
WWII Museum