Volksbund is a German cemetery app made in Locatify’s Creator CMS, which indicates where German solders have been buried. It has both outdoors GPS tours in Berlin like in Waldfriedhof Hable and an indoor tour in a Volksbund exibition where QR code triggers the narration for the right location.  Location based information on state associations, cemeteries and events are in the app.

A special built-in audio guide, with pictures and maps where GPS to automatically activates the narration in designated locations and takes the the user on a guided tour through exhibition and war graves in cemeteries. The narration can be enjoyed at home by interacting with the map and pictures while listening to the story teller.

Audibits in Germany was in charge of the concept and design.

A special news site has been added to this app and is available in the Creator CMS.

Network connection is  not required while enjoying the tour. The audio, images and maps are downloaded into the device. The tour can be used offline as well as with GPS.

war, graves, graveyards, audio-guide, Berlin, Halbe, Kassel