Gea Norvegica is an new app which is created in Locatify’s CMS. It contains four SmartGuide GPS audio tours with great content with valued  information about the geopark’s beautiful sites and nature and four exciting GPS games.

These guided tours take place in Århus, Gård, Mølen and Jomfruland where the visitor can learn about geology, biology and history ether by using the GPS in this stunning landscape or listening to the narration at home while looking at the maps and the pictures from the scenery of Gea Norvegica. The tours are both in English and Norwegian.

In the app are also GPS treasure hunt games in Rakke, Mølen, Stavern, Brunla with challenges that can only be solved by entering the right places shown in the app. Children and grown ups can entertain themselves while they explore the geopark and compete in solving the challenges in the scavenging hunts  while they learn about Gea Norvegica.

Jane Karine Lønne Dolven has created the audio tours and treasure hunt games in this app. Before getting a branded app for the geopark, tours and games where published in Locatify apps. Games have been played on Earth day and on many occasion in the park. More material will be added later about the geopark’s wonder.

Gea Norvegica

This app is available for iOS and Android.


Magma Geopark treasure hunt app has been updated to the new look where both GPS games and guides can be observed. Now there are 13 free games available both in English and Norwegian where visitors can enjoy being informed and test their knowledge about the nature, geology and towns.

Among the games are Blåfjell, Eigerøy Lighthouse and Gursli.  Pål Thjømøe is the director of Magma Geopark and has created the games along with his employees. Both foreign visitors and students have had great experience competing in these games. Pål  has encourage teachers and students to create games as well, he has held courses for teachers in schools who have bought subscription to use TurfHunt in action. Gamification plays a big role in learning outdoors with the use of TurfHunt.

Magma Geopark