If you select  BLE Beacons (iBeacons) for your location-based triggering, you have two options of how to use the Beacons. You can also specify the method used for each floor if you want to use a combination of triggering.

Show user location

To show user location, we use a triangulation algorithm that requires the user to be within 6 meters reach of minimum 3 beacons at anyone time. The performance of this method is largely dependant on the quality of your beacon setup and the users device.

For best results, position beacons in a grid formation with beacons spaced 2m apart as shown below, or if this is not possible, in a way that covers the most relevant areas with minimum number of beacons.

Triangulation Example

Suggested Beacon Positions

Beacon proximity detection

Proximity detection allows you to specify a geofence area or activation zone. When you add a station (or zone) to the floor plan, you can attach a beacon (or multiple beacons) to that station and assign a triggering zone in metres. This means that when a device comes within this radius, the station content will be triggered.

This requires less beacons than triangulation, but does not allow the users location to be shown as a dot. Please note that all mobile devices scan for bluetooth signals at different intervals, so the speed at which station content is triggered, will differ per device, and we suggest testing your project thoroughly.