What is the SmartGuide app?

Locatify SmartGuide app provides a platform for anyone to create and publish professional guided tours and treasure hunt games. The location based app features quality assured multimedia tours and games which are available to download to the public.

The SmartGuide is perfect for individuals or small organizations who would like to publish a professional tour or treasure hunt game to a mobile app without the need for a branded app. For more information about branded apps click here.


What Smartphones can be used for the SmartGuide?

The SmartGuide is available for iOS 8.1 and Android devices version 4.3 or later.


How do I get the SmartGuide app?

You can download the app for free for iOS here and Android here.


How do I download a tour?

Once you have downloaded the app you will be presented with a list if downloadable tours. This is viewable as a list or as a map view to see tours close by.

Once you have chosen your tour, select the desired language and download the tour. Please note some tours can a large file download due to the rich multimedia content so it is recommended to use WiFi when possible.

Some of the tours are free while others are available for a small fee which is payable using the default app store payment options. Once you have made your selection the tour is downloaded into the device from our servers.  You can re-download the tours at a later time if need be.

If you lose a network connection while downloading a tour, you can always restart the download once you have a network connection again.


How do I purchase premium tours?

Premium tours are purchased directly from within the SmartGuide app using your Apple iTunes app store or Google Play account.


While enjoying a tour:

Do I need a network connection while enjoying a tour?

No network connection is required while enjoying the tour.  The tour audio, images and maps are pre-downloaded into your device from our servers.  Then you can enjoy the tour while being offline.


What happens to a tour in progress if I need to use my phone for other things?

The application will pause when the phone rings and then resume after the phone call.  It continues to run in the background as well if you switch to another application, like the camera for example.

If you are on location using GPS Trek mode, the GPS positioning will be monitored while the applications runs the background and it will automatically activate when you have reached a tour destination point.


Does the GPS Trek Mode drain the battery more quickly?

Yes. The GPS receiver is on when you run the tour in GPS Trek mode. It does vary how long the battery will last when in GPS Trek. An average iPhone, can run GPS Trek tour continuously for 5-7 hours on a full battery before recharging is needed.


Technical details

Content Management System CMS:  The CMS used is built by Locatify.  For more information regarding the CMS please see here.


Outdoor Location aware technology: To determine visitor’s location outdoor, Global Positioning System (GPS) is used.


Indoor Location aware technology:  To determine visitor location indoor , Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmitters are placed in the venue. BLE technology is the latest trend for determination of the location indoor and Locatify has developed a fully functional and tested product on its basis. For more information on BLE beacons see here.


Devices and software: Both Android and iOS devices are supported with Locatify apps available for iOS 10 + Android 4.3+ devices.


App store publication: Apps undergo a quality assessment check prior to being published. Once approved, apps are published in the SmartGuide app on Android and iOS for one year unless agreed upon otherwise.


Offline use:  The device does not need to be connected to Wi-Fi to use the app. All content is available offline once the app has been downloaded. Device needs to be connected to update content. To receive push notifications the app needs cellular or 3G/4G connection and to update scores in treasure hunt games.


Installation:  Certified local installation partners available or do it yourself with the assistance of training material. Warranty included for indoor solution. No installation is needed for published GPS apps.


Support: Professional support including a reasonable service-level agreement (SLA).