1. How to join a game

A)Select a game from the map B) Select game from the list C) Join with invitation cod /QR Code

Screenshot_20170118-154007  Screenshot_20170118-154029  Screenshot_20170118-154014

2. Select language and press “Join Game” (This will download game content)

Here you will see further info about the game; the title, description and logo. Also the information about how many treasure places there are and how many challenges are in the game and in which languages it is.


3. Enter your team’s name


4. Share the invitation code with others

Every player will enter the same code for the same game.

5. The other teams enter the code in “Redeem Invitation” at the front page


6. It is time to play when all the teams have signed in

7. The one who invited the others starts the game – Press start game now


8. Find treasures and solve challenges

On this screen you will see the map and see where the next treasure is located. If the game has been designed in a way that there are no routes between the treasures then all the treasures will appear at once, but a game with trails connected treasures will only show the first treasure location.  Go to the location and thechallenge will automatically appear on the phone once are in range of the treasure.


9. Your team is the blue dot on the map, the others are green


10. Complete challenges to earn a score

There are different types of challenges the game designer can use when he sets up a challenge at a treasure point.  A treasure can have one or more challenges and player is rewarded by virtual gold coins and game items. When a user discovers a treasure, he will be presented with a challenge.  There are multiple-choice questions, photo challenges and a memory card game.

The game designer decides what kind of rewards the player gets. >Either gold coins, bags of gold, bags of diamonds or the the elixir of invisibility which makes the player disappear from the map for a minute. There are three levels of memory game; easy, medium and hard. The boards are different and the player is given a certain time to finish the task, the seconds count down as he flips the cards.


11. Check scoreboard / End game

During the game, the player sees his scores right away in the lower right corner on the map. The scoreboard sjows all teams scorse, how many challenges have been solved and the scores for each one. The game can be ended from this screen.