When all the above has been done you can now move on to publishing your game/guide. Click the “Action“ button in the menu bar on the left to continue to the publishing page. As you do it the system will check the map for errors and let you know if it finds any errors. If you get an error please go over your game and make sure that all is correct.

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You have two chooses at the publish page; to publish the game/guide for testing on your device or to publish it within the TurfHunt or SmartGuide app. It is always a good practice to test it first on your Smartphone or Smartpad before releasing it to others.  When you have pressed the “Make Test Version” button you will get the message that the publishing has finished and an invitation code. This is the code you enter on the front page of the app under “Redeem Invitation” in your phone in order to test the game. This test will be available for six hours.

When you are publishing the game in the TurfHunt app for others to play you can choose how long it will be available, from 6 hours to 6 months. You finally select for how long you want to publish the game for (from the drop down box) and then hit publish. The SmartGuide will be published in one of the SmartGuide apps, please contact us for other areas.

The system will now begin the process of packaging your tour and publishing it to the app. Note that the publishing step might take a while, depending on the size of the game, so do not interrupt the publishing process once it has begun. When the system has finished publishing the game it will display a message to notify you that the game has been published. You can now go to your application on the Android phone or Apple device and download the TurfHunt for game or a SmartGuide for the guide or a game.

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