Now in Beta and free for a limited time.

The Indoor Guides extension is now available in the Creator CMS. Try it out and see how easy it is to create an Automatic Museum Guide with multi-media and indoor location using bluetooth low energy beacons.

With the Indoor Guides it is easy to upload, update and design the content for a conference & museum app. Designers can upload floor-maps, decide the range of each beacon and design each station.

Test your creation using the Android app — Locatify Museum Guide  It is a generic Automatic Museum Guide for evaluation and trials.

Using the app, designers can test their creations with Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.

Users sign up at Locatify’s website where they will upload floor maps, insert audio-files, pictures text and links for their indoor guide. They will place beacons in the exhibit area where the event will take place. When the content is ready for publishing branded app can be created of the same content.  

kerfi beacons