We opened our system for beta testing around last Christmas. The time we have been testing has gone exceptionally well. Users from all over the world have been signing in to our system to create their games and tours. Many of these users have been really helpful and commented on what we could do better. We have taken some of these comments into consideration and made improvements.

There have some changes been made to the user interface and now it should be easier to navigate the Creator CMS. We are planning to go even further and make the system even more user-friendly.

Some of the improvements we have made so far include changes when it comes to uploading images and audio, now we have a simple drag and drop function to do it. It is also possible to listen to the audio and view the images you have uploaded, so you won´t put sound and pictures in the wrong places when you are making tours and games. We have also made it possible to add audio between points when you are making tours.

We are not going to stop there, we plan on making our CMS even more user-friendly. It´s our goal that in the future technologically impaired grandmas from all over the world will be able to sign up and create games and tours in our system.

We can´t stay in beta forever, and pretty soon we will be confident enough that our system is ready.