The first school Sokndal School in Norway signed a contract to use Locatify Creator CMS and Turfhunt for the next thee years. Now all the teachers and students can enter the system to design, publish and play their treasure hunt games. The geologist Pål Thjømøe manager at Magma Geopark has designed TurfHunt games for students and has presented the CMS to both students and teachers at the school.

Traditional learning methods used in the classroom are improved by introducing and integrating games. By the use of modern technologies and natural surroundings in a learning process the students will gain new learning experience.

Learning by doing is our focus. Loactify has created an innovative educational tool for teaching about nature, social sciences and humanities through play and fun outdoors. The TurfHunt enables children and adults at different educational levels to actively participate in learning where education is entwined with games, providing enjoyment, motivation, gratification, creativity, social interaction and emotion. The games are built in a real world and utilizes natural surroundings, which provide extraordinary and powerful contexts of learning. It is a sophisticated treasure hunt game to be played out in the fields using SmartPhones with GPS and 3G networks. The game is online, multiplayer and competitive with maps, clues, challenges, virtual goals, and pictures.